Welcome to Shree Shani Dev Trust

Respected Shri Anil Choudhary prayer to all the devotees of Shani Devata, who have come to Shri Shani Dev Mandir at Haridwar:

" I extend a heart-felt welcome. I welcome, felicitate and greet all of you. The life of humans living in the world is filled with a lot of happiness and sorrow. The mind and life of man is unstable and fickle. In such an ocean of mankind, God Shani occupies an inexplicable and powerful role.
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History of Shree Shani Dev

As per Hindu Epic Ramayana, When Hanuman went to the Lanka in search of Sita mata (Wife of Lord Rama). After meeting with Sita mata, when Hanumanji was coming back, he met with many God who were in clutch of Rakshash (Evil) King Ravan. God Shanidev was also there. Hanumanji helped freeing shanidev and getting out of Lanka. Because of Hanumanji helped Shanidev they both became friends. Here, Shanidev Promised to Hanuman that anyone who prayed to him (Hanuman), he would be rescued from the baleful effects of Shanidev.Other story of Shanidev and Hanumanji : God Surya Dev is the Father of Shanidev. Surya dev is also the Guru (Teacher) of Hanumanji. After the completion of course, Surya dev said to Hanuman, “You have become adept in all forms of wisdom and weapons, now go to your mother Anjani” But Hanumanji requested to Surya dev “Give me an opportunity to repay for your tutelage” Suryadev said to Hanuman, “my wayward son shani is the cause of my sorrow only, Go and bring that wayward son of mine back to me”.

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